Funny thoughts

Trying Again

What makes someone want to try a relationship out again after so many have failed? Is there a light that goes off in the brain? The weight of what’s gone is now off their shoulders or maybe they’ve realized that things will never change unless they make the change within themselves.

Every person is different, their views and values of a relationship is different. I’m not going to judge someone on what their relationship status is because to be honest if I can’t keep one going then who am I to pass any kind of judgments.

I just wonder what it takes for that light to go off inside of someone’s heart and their head to say, “Yeah, my last relationship didn’t work out that great for me, buuuuuut if I meet someone new I’m going to give it a try.” Is there a moment that hits them with the idea of its okay to start new.

I see this a lot in celebrities, worst possible examples ever, but hear me out. Two people who are in the public eye start dating, the fall in love, they get married, have a family, then divorce. It doesn’t stop them from being parents or friends, but their marriage has failed. After some time, one or both starts dating someone else, before you know it the new relationship is blasted all over every Magazine that is out there and it’s full on gossip.

How can someone who’s constantly in the public eye take the risk of a relationship, yet some of us can’t seem to manage the simplest things to keep a relationship going?

I have a deep love/hate relationship with being single. There are times when I am good, no drama, no issues. Then there are other times when I want to go home to someone who’s not my cat, and just curl up next to the guy, plus making me feel like I’m not bothering him is a plus.

We start the healing process of a breakup by taking care of ourselves, but what pushes us to want to try again or even at all?

Let me know what you think.