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When you have no fight left

What do you do when you’ve been in this odd “relationship” with someone who knows you want certain things out of him, but you keep going back. Apart from calling this woman desperate, or an idiot. Maybe think that she’s just tired of the battle and just sometimes need something in her life.

Then again, emotions always get the best of us. When one wants emotions, and the other one doesn’t how do you figure that one out? Do you walk away or just leave it alone?

I know I’m tired, just so very tired of trying to fight my way into any mans life. It’s like it’s a pattern I’ve always had to deal with. Why is that? Why do I always find the guy who seems to fight me when it comes to an emotional relationship?

I think I’m finally at the end of my road here. I can’t keep fighting for someone who isn’t fighting for me. I want to be wanted, romanced, and thought of. I want him to think, “I’m gonna check on her, see how she’s doing.” or help her out with things she’s got going on in her life.

Then eventually when the moment is right introduce her to the people who know and love you the most because you know she will love them just as much as you do, plus not to mention they will love her too.

I think my mind is at a point where it’s beating my heart to the bottom of the sea, “Stay there, you get us into trouble!” Kind of feeling.

I need more, I want more, and I deserve more when it comes to a relationship. I’m so tired of it all being one sided.

Have you ever done that to someone? Have you treated them in a way where they give up on you? Let me know what it took for you to put your foot down.

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