Funny thoughts

My favorite breakup phrase: β€œIt’s me, not you.”

So I’ve heard this phrase so many times in my life that I’ve lost count and also lost all forms of emotions to it. The idea of someone saying that basically is a huge cop-out because they are running away, not mentally ready for a grown up relationship, or still had the emotional age of a 10 year old boy.

I say this because I was speaking with a lady tonight at an event, and she’s a Doctor that specializes in Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Well-being with every day and foods. We were talking and I asked her, “Do you deal with men or women who struggle with relationships?” She looked at me, “All the time!!!” I knew it, was the first thing I thought, she went on, “Usually when a man says ‘It’s me, not you.’ They are being so honest because they lack something within themselves to be able to man up to whatever kind of relationship the woman is willing to offer, and it could be for so many different reasons why. They are strong, mature men, who know exactly who they are, but have the emotional mentality of a 10 year old child, they are afraid to really put their lives out there for someone to either compliment it, or enrich it.”

I stood there, feeling like she completely explained everything I needed to hear, I told her, “I seriously think it’s me, maybe I’m too intimidating, I’m not after their money, but I do need a man in my life for some things.” She looked at me, and said, “Honestly you are not the only woman who goes through this, so many do.” I was floored because all the women there tonight were in a committed relationship with a man or a woman in some fashion it was great!

Thinking about this, maybe it is the guy who is the problem. I wonder what it is about him that has him so scared to want to put himself out there to be with someone who just want to be with him? Spend time with him? Be in his world?

Have you ever wondered why some men have no fears about opening new doors to relationships, and making them what they want with a woman, but some men lock themselves up, throw away the key because of fear or something like that.

I want to know more, it’s got me so intrigued because here I am thinking that maybe I’m not good enough because I live paycheck to paycheck (yet still make it), live with my uncle, and work constantly, have my weekly Bible Study and Church on Sunday….maybe it really is the guy who has the issue.

Could it be true? Let me know what you think.