Funny thoughts

Is it possible??

Do you think it’s possible for someone to truly not know themselves? I often wonder if it’s possible for someone to think they know themselves, but in all reality they have no clue of who they are, or what they are all about.

Is it possible for them to only know 40% of what they stand for, and the 60% of no idea at all. Do you think that there is ever a point in our lives where we know exactly who we are? What gets you to that point of true knowledge, understanding and self acceptance?

Let me explain how well I know myself….my life isn’t ideal, it isn’t perfect, I live paycheck to paycheck, do I want to keep doing that? Heck No!! I want more out of life, but I also know how to look for the free stuff in life as well. I am capable of having so much love in my heart for someone, but not a lot of trust. I have the ability to forgive, but never forget. I have a strong line of going to Ex’s that I never cross, especially ones that have hurt me. Yet, I never hold their issues against the new guy in my life. I’m addicted to work, learning more, helping at church, and or helping kids. I’d rather have a committed boyfriend than a committed husband because I’m only familiar with one kind, not the other. I have a lot of self doubt, and I mentally beat myself up, but if a man can love me enough to help me through it, then I’ll be okay. Don’t ignore me! That’s the worse thing a guy can do to a woman. What does it bring for your life?

Do you know who you truly are? Do you understand how you work on the inside? Have you spent time within your own mind to figure it all out?

Let me know, I am always interested in figuring out new ways to understand who I am, or how people work.