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Drawing that Line

We often say what we want in a relationship, we say we will put up with this, and that, and we will never put up with this….fill in the blanks yourself.

I’ve let myself down in this area. I know I am a strong woman, but I have my issues. I’ve never once denied it at all. Yet, when it comes to where I need to be strong I always seem to fail. I need to have a backbone about relationships like I do in my life.

I want to be loved, I deserve to have a man who is going to be faithful, want to be with me, make me a priority, it doesn’t have to be all the time because we have busy lives, but every now and then would be great!

I don’t put up with disrespect at work, yet I seem to accept it when I’m in a “relationship” why is that? Why do we forget our standards when it comes to meeting someone who isn’t interested in keeping us around or need us for anything?

I’ve failed myself in this area, it’s all I seem to do, it’s all I can manage to do. I get so frustrated and disappointed in myself because I know I’m a good person who is trying to live a good life, who just wants someone to share it with. Why is this so DIFFICULT!!!????!!!!!????

Do you struggle? How do you deal? Do you present a “resume” when dating? I mean if I could have a sign on me, my sign would say, “Independent woman who is looking to be a priority, not 24/7, but not your 2nd choice either! If you’re man enough let me know!”

Every man seems to fall short of being “man enough” to want to make me a priority or include me into his life. Why is that? Why do men do that? Do they think it’s okay to string a woman along for kicks?

Where do you struggle when it comes to relationships and that line of what you will and won’t stand for?