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Mental, Emotional Health and Relationships….can they really work?

I wonder if it is really possible for a good relationship to work when one person suffers from any type of Mental or Emotional Health issues. Can it cause strain on the relationship because one has these issues and the other doesn’t? Does it cause a total divide at the core of who they are together?

I would really like to know what you all think about that. When dating someone who suffers from any form of mental health issues are you listening? Sympathetic? Willing to work through their good days or bad days? Can you see past the fake smile they display when being in public?

Do you walk away? Ignore them? Think that this person isn’t worth the time or effort? How do you two communicate when one is always inside their head, while the other isn’t?

What about emotional support? Do you dismiss them as if they never existed because of the issues they have in their head or do you walk next to them realizing that they are wanting and working on trying to be “normal” in society, but in reality they just want to be left alone curled up in your arms and shut the world out and feel “normal”.

What is “normal” to you? Do you know what that means? I struggle with the ideas of what a “normal” person is, how they act, what they stand for, or how they live.

My mental health is a key part of who I am. I battle it on a daily basis, and I’m not shy about it at all. No, I’m not on medication because it doesn’t work for me, plus I have no medical insurance at this time. I often worry if a man can handle a woman who knows her brain doesn’t work right like other women. Is he strong enough to deal with her good days and bad days? Be there with me when I break down crying for no reason, smile and laugh the next, and roll his sleeves up and get to work with just being supportive.

I should never be surprised when a man says he can handle whatever life throws him, but then in the end he doesn’t know how to deal, or completely walks away, basically throwing his hands up in the air saying, “She’s your responsibility, I’m done.”

What do you do when that happens? For me I don’t handle relationship things well. I sink into a bit of depression, but I still keep moving forward. I live my life and try not to think about why I am not love-able, or why a man isn’t willing to built a life with me, what’s the matter with me? I’m not ugly, I know I’ve gained weight, my work schedule is nuts, but I’m still standing no matter what, just wanting to be wanted by a strong Christian man.

Is this something you think about? How do you handle dating and all the mental health issues we have in this world? Has any of that changed your ideas of dating?

Let me know.