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Relationship Depression…one has it, the other doesn’t.

What do you do with your relationship when one of you has depression? Do you leave that person alone to deal with it? Do you try to help them get through it? Do you help them find someone to talk to while they work through it all?

When you are not the problem of their depression, but other issues, are you strong enough to handle it, help, be there, offer a shoulder? or do you let them to their own vices, coping mechanism, or don’t say anything?

Today is not a great day for me, I found out a friend from Church died Friday night. She committed suicide, and yet never let anyone know that something was bothering her, or let anyone in. We were friends for two years, and we just recently had Bible Study together, she never lead on with putting her hands out there for someone to help her, I would have been happy to because I too suffer from Depression. She was so young, and to be honest this one has been the hardest to hit me in my heart.

The issue I have is Christians do not understand Depression, they think that we can pray it away. It isn’t like we aren’t praying to be “normal” (whatever that means) like everyone else. People of faith need to understand that not everyone’s brains work the same, there are times when I love my life and I’m the happiest person in the world, but then there are times where I absolutely hate my life and beg God to make it better, but when I get off my knees praying I look, give it time, and see that nothing has changed in 30 plus days, there is that complete discourage. I know we are on God’s time, not ours, but what if there is a possibility that He can make it better in those 30 days? Talk about a complete miracle. There are issues we face, triggers that come into our minds, face to face, or even brought up to make us feel like we are worthless, and that God doesn’t really love us, even though the other side of our brains are telling us that He does!

Are you with someone who suffers from Depression? How are you there for that person? I wish I had someone who loved me enough to want to share this with me, strong enough to want to lend me his shoulder to walk me through this mess, and be able to handle the ups and downs. Unfortunately, I am alone in this matter.

Do you walk away from the person? Do you stick around? Do you know that by just being there with them, for them, that its possible that your very presence can help calm the ugly noises/voices/feelings that go on in their brain?

Let me know how you help your partner with their depression. Do you talk to them about it? Are you aware of it? This would be a great time to talk about it.