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Powerful Women…good or bad?

Can a woman intimidate a man? If she knows who she is, knows that she isn’t perfect, works hard and more, can that be a turn off for a guy?

I ask because I was wondering about this. Is it possible for a man to say, “I want to woman who is strong, independent, and more” but meet one, and then get scared of her.

If she doesn’t make more than him, does that look bad on her? If she shows that she doesn’t need him in anyway, does that make her look unattractive? Maybe even a woman who is super passionate about their feelings. I know feelings are a genuine thing people

Can a woman who is strong in her feeling or at time have weak moments, is that a turn off to men?

What if in reality that woman is “powerful” in her public life and career, but when she goes home she wants someone to take control of their home, finances, life, and even their sex life. What is wrong with that?

If a man can tell me the truth I’d listen. Are you really afraid of who I am and what I want from you? I didn’t think I made it that difficult for you to know that I would rather have you in full control of everything we are apart from my career.

What do you guys think?