Real Life

The Past

Do you ever wish you could go back and fix things in your past so that it effects your present? Look deep within yourself and let me know what you would change, fix, or give yourself a warning.

If you were given the opportunity would you do it? I know I’d make sure to make a list of things to tell myself, add pictures, and names to make sure my hard-headed self can listen to present me, and make the changes.

I started thinking about what I would change in my life. I found a picture of myself from 8 years ago, and as I looked at myself I would tell her, “Look, get out of this relationship NOW! He will drag you down and cost you so much financial distress, along with mental and emotional abuse that you just don’t see, but will. Move back in with your mother, help her pay bills, and go back to school. Focus on your degree – get the right one please. Make that one count!”

I’d make sure to add pictures, “Please do yourself a favor and make sure you are smart with your money or else you will end up like this.” hand her the pictures so she can see where we live, how we live, and what our life looks like. Depressing and not what either of us wanted.

As for love I’d be beyond honest with her, “Once you get out of this relationship please ignore all men. They aren’t really worth your time. Don’t give up on the hope of love, it can be worth it when you meet the right one. You will, but he will be like a child when it comes to some form of commitment. Don’t worry he is amazing at everything he does, he will make you feel like you are the most important thing in the world, but because he’s been broken by his past, he will not be able to love you the way you deserve, that is why I say he is child like in his ability to not move on, will not take a chance on love, and want to create a life with you. Love him, but at some point leave him and move on. I can say it shows that we are meant to stay alone forever.” As heartbreaking the truth is of this one area of my life, it’s real.

I’d also give her a little bit of information of investing in certain large companies (Amazon, Google, Apple, BitCoin…LOL!!). After that I would leave her to make the right choices because I’d make sure she’d know of specific events would happen to make her aware.

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to go back and fix your life? Would you step up and do it.