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For Your Consideration…

I often wonder why people treat someone they are supposed to care about the way they do? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Does it give you a sense of peace inside yourself knowing you’ve caused some pain or hurt for that person?

I know I could never let someone I care about feel like they are irrelevant, not needed, or that their life isn’t important to me, especially if I’m in a “relationship”.

I’ve had so many men in my life let me down in different ways, not sure why I’m not surprised that they haven’t really changed. I’m a committed relationship type person. I want your time, I know you’re busy, but I want you to spend time with me, but I will not twist your arm because then that shows me where I stand with you.

I often wonder if I treated someone the way they treat me, would we last? I’m leaning towards Nope! He wouldn’t put up with it, especially if he’s wanting a relationship.

Why do people do that? I don’t think I can ever understand. I guess I’m different.

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