Funny thoughts

Tell me the Truth……

When in a relationship do you think you have put away all your old feelings for an ex? Do you think you no longer think about them?

I sometimes wonder about feelings, and how long it can take someone to either get over them or hold onto them like a warm blanket or something that feels familiar.

I hold zero feelings for any of my ex’s. I would never talk to them ever again, I know I would never meet up with any of them for drinks, lunch, dinner or ANYTHING! Dirty dogs!! Plus to me, I would find it completely disrespectful to the person I am with to even think about spending anytime with someone else that isn’t my significant other.

Flip side, if you were going out to lunch or dinner with them, would that be okay? I’d be 100% okay with that because then that person would know their ex has moved on, please don’t cross any boundaries or lines. It’s a mural level of relationship respect that needs to happen, right?

I struggle with this because of the fact that I’ve been cheated on one too many times to count, so to have complete trust with someone who isn’t myself is a real struggle for me. I mean, I don’t really trust my own family half the time.

What do you think? Let me know because to be honest it isn’t something I would do, but that is just me.