Funny thoughts

Could you….

I’m currently obsessed with a song from P!nk, she has a track on her new album called, “Love Me Anyway” Chris Stapleton sings on the song with her. I was listening to the song, really paying attention to the lyrics and what she wrote caught me off guard.

If you sit back and look at yourself, do you think it’s possible to love someone who’s as broken as you are, or maybe even worse? Could it be possible to say, “No matter how many times you say hurtful things to me, I know you do it because you are afraid.” or even, “I know you don’t like to acknowledge my existence in your life, but when your ready I’ll be here, and I’ll still have that love for you no matter what.”

I sometimes think it’s funny how we can say this, we truly mean it, but the other person is so beyond skeptical thinking that there is some hidden agenda behind all of it, when in reality there isn’t. You aren’t even sure how to make that person realize that you are just in love with them, scars and all.

What do you think it will take for that other person to realize that you could love them through all the hurt, scars, and the fights that will come. Should you even try after a certain point?

Think about it, we crave love and acceptance from another person, but when we look in the mirror do we really say, “Yes, I can love you through it all.”