Funny thoughts

Unexpected or expected from a lover

Ever wonder if there is a list out there of things one should and would except from a lover, and or what not to expect as well? I often wonder who wrote the rules on all of that. Have the rules of engagement with a potential partner changed through the years?

I struggle with this “list” of what we need as women to make us feel valued and or validated. Allow me to explain.

No one has ever had any right to put me down, they do not have my permission. I will not stand for it, it’s not in my nature to make someone feel horrible about themselves, but I believe it does depend on the situation to make one feel a bit of the bitterness they caused by telling them I will pray for them, with a response that it stops them in their tracks and makes them re-think a lot. Best feeling in the world.

I don’t need a man to feel validated, I have a job, roof over my head, food in the kitchen, gas in my car. I always thought that when you find the right person, it’s one of true friendship, connection that people wouldn’t understand how, but it’s there, it’s real, they can feel it just as much as we can. That is where “validation” lies, between the two people who share this wonderful secret together. Grant it at times it can be the worst kept secret, but nonetheless it’s there.

A good relationship between two people who are strong minded, strong willed, and love life according to what they both want can make their relationship their own, right?

Does every relationship have to follow some social norms, can they follow their own rules and enjoy life?

What makes your relationship different from everyone else’s? I think of mine and despite his constant traveling, I hope he thinks of me when he is away. He is a quiet soul, I’m obviously the loud one. Yet, despite the way we are, it still seems to work… times, I am a woman and my brain and emotions tend to lean desperate female, then I smack myself back into my reality and focus on what is at hand….life.