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Merry Go Round Life

I’ve had a really long day today. Breakfast meeting, phone calls, emails, reservations, and meeting room clean up. However, when I sit in my office changing out my shoes from work to rain boots my mind starts to naturally focus on other frustrating parts of my life: finances, family, reminders, and last but not least – relationship. Eventually my mind focuses on just that and it starts to overthink things and my attitude turns from what is supposed to be sweet and loving to, “WTDuce man!?” Chick brain, we all go there.

When a relationship ends it can end for a variety of reasons. One person wants out, both come to a mutual agreement, or something crazy happens. I’ve had to experience all of these, from crazy cheating situations, to both coming to an understanding, to where he wants out because he was just looking for a good time and didn’t plan on getting attached to someone kind of thing. How does your mind handle all of that? Do you even try? Unfortunately for me, my brain will run through every little detail, remember every little heartbreak moment, the tears I’ve cried over this situation or just the fact of him shutting me out.

We often complicate relationships when we overthink everything, and aren’t honest from the beginning. The “relationship”, “f&ck buddy” life, FWB, all of that changes after a while. It gets old for some, while others just want to know WTF is going on? Why am I not good enough for you to invest your time in? These are things I’m often looking at when I look in the mirror, or I see people out and about with their significant other.

What comes across your mind when you think of things like this? I can’t be the only one. I picture it in my head when I see a couple together and again looking in the mirror. I see one person with their entire body out the door, with a hand in, just something to keep that person “happy”, something that maybe wasn’t supposed to be, or now even regrets it happening. Maybe you, have a foot out the door, but isn’t sure how to brooch the subject of letting the person go because you love who they are but they scare you. Maybe just like stringing someone along because that’s what works for you.

I’m a committed relationship type of person. One guy at a time, I don’t step out, or anything like that. I’m not too big on marriage because of my own issues with it, but making sure he knows I’m more interested in him as a person, than what he makes is key to me, makes a difference in my family because if you don’t give your partner any kind of love and respect then you are wasting both of your time on something you were just hoping to hit it and quit it.

As you can see I have the worst track record when it comes to relationships. At this point in my life, I just want to be happy and loved. What about you?