Funny thoughts


How do you heal from a broken heart? Broken Marriage? Even a broken relationship? Is it possible to even take the time to work on what went wrong, learn from it and make sure it never happens again?

I often believe that we can all heal from all kinds of broken hearts and or broken world. The loss of a love isn’t anything new to people, but if it’s done in a way that leaves a mark, scars, or a mental beat down it can definitely stay with someone.

Do you take all of that into a new relationship or try your hardest to make sure that new person never feels the ounce of pain you just endured? or do you find yourself stuck in the same daily pattern of remembering what your life was like before you even open your eyes.

What if you meet someone new, they have their own battle scars, but show you that they are strong enough to help endure whatever is thrown your way, do you stick around? Do you make it work? What defines the relationship?

Sometimes I feel like people put too much emphasis on the end result of any relationship. We all go through those phases of must be married by this time, have kids by this age, and my career must be this. However when things don’t work out there is a mountain of stress and frustration. I had hoped to be married by my age, but it’s never worked out for me, now I’m just hoping to be enough for a guy to keep him interested in me. Want to love me, and spend time with me.

What about you? How have you recovered from being broken hearted? What made you turn it all around for yourself? Let me know!