Funny thoughts

Losing ones self

I recently read an interview that actor Chris Evans did about dating. He’s 37 years old and is single, he is aware that women will get super comfortable with his lifestyle and forget about their own. Do you think you can get lost in your relationship and lose your identity?

I know I couldn’t, I worked too hard to be who I am to lose everything I’ve worked for, so for me to lose who I am I better be dead. I never understood how women can lose who they are, and what they worked hard for to lose any piece of themselves just to make someone happy.

I understand how some women can definitely get lost in his life, but it’s the life he’s built for himself. It’s his time far away from family and friends. I know I’d miss him, but I know I’d still have a job to do just to stay true to myself. I mean I look at it as this. First it’s Chris Evans, that is more than enough, second I have bills to pay and I don’t want him paying those at all, third I know I could get some trips out of him when vacation is allowed for myself.

I guess I look at relationships like that even now. My guy I consider him super sexy, like mmmmmmm, lol! I know I couldn’t lose my identity with him, he wouldn’t let me. I just ask for his attention, that’s it.

Do you think you could be with someone who was once strong, held their own, but eventually changed to fit your life? Like they relied on you for every single thing they need to survive. I enjoy my independence too much to make a man feel like he has to take care of 100% of everything I need.

Let me know.