Funny thoughts

Biological Clock…

It’s a real thing! When you think about it we all get a point in our lives when we feel or hear a ticking sound in our bodies or minds letting us know that time is closing on certain areas of our life.

I’m still trying to figure it out with men, I think for those who know who they are it hits at different times, but for women it seems to start hitting in their late 30’s. I say that because my cousin reminded me that my clock is ticking. I looked at her (FaceTime) and started laughing, “No, it’s not.” I told her. “Just because yours is ticking loud and clear, you think mine is.” I went on to tell her, “No, mine was disconnected a long time ago.” Naturally she didn’t understand at all.

When do men hear that tick, tick, tick sound? Is in their late 20’s early 30’s? Is that when their “light” comes on to want to reproduce or something? Are men different in that department.

Women are totally different! So many their clock starts ticking early, others mid to late 20’s, and then others in their 30’s. I seriously believe that I’ve missed that level of bodily connection or connectivity because focusing on some dumb clock wasn’t on my mind.

I respect people who have had kids, plan on having any, and those who want them, but what about us who don’t want kids? We love the idea of possibly being a step-parent, but not actually pushing one (or more) out, I know I’d be a cool step-mom if ever given the opportunity. Does that make us less than everyone else? Do you get sad when you see a new baby? Maybe an old friend, cousin, someone just recently had a baby, you make the face, “Oh my gosh your baby is way too cute!” At that moment people want to tell you, “The door is closing.” I usually have a great comment to that, but with everything going on in my life I no longer have time. I have so many doubts about things, my clock has been unplugged since I became a woman.

So guy, let me know how you knew it was time for you? Was your clock ticking? Do you sense a change? I’d really like to know and understand.