Funny thoughts

Love Song or Disaster Movie?

How would you describe your life? Maybe your love life? Career life is up and down no matter what.

My life would be a mix of disasters, and comedy mixed because all I can do is laugh at certain things while everything is falling around me. It’s funny, and sad all at the same time.

My love life on the other hand has been a pure “romantic” comedy without the actual romance part of it. Things go great, but the joke is on me when the guy doesn’t want to stick around or anything like that.

I used to think that songs could reflect my life or maybe how my heart feels. We all use music in some way to express what we can’t say or how we feel. What songs do you think could define what you feel?

I can pick a few, some old, some of my childhood, but nothing really recent. A mix between Elton John, Madonna, and Selena. Each one has a song that can speak deep to my heart.

Sir Elton John has several songs that are super deep, but his song, “I Want Love” is a must!! The lyrics express the kind of love I want. Madonna, I dig a bit back for her, and to be honest there are a few that can say so much. First is when I’m beyond happy with love, “True Blue”, then when I’m trying to say something, “Take a Bow”, and even “Crazy for You” my two ultimate faves because it’s about I feel about him. Then I get to the Queen – Selena, her music is legendary, her words are the best, how she expresses them man it makes me want to rip my heart out to show him, if you could only see half of the way I love you, maybe just maybe you’d feel the same. “Amor Prohibido” it doesn’t matter about our differences all that matters is us, our love. Then there is, “No Me Queda Mas” it’s like stab me in the heart, you loved me enough to lead me on, yet I was a stepping stone to her! The idea that a man could make a woman fall in love with him, and no intention of following through makes him a coward.

Get what I am saying? What would your songs be? How would you use any movies maybe to express how you feel? What would define you.

Let me know. I’m always interested in other music out there, definitely not horror stories, my life is something else at times.