Funny thoughts

Life is a Game….in a way, right?

Do you feel like sometimes your life is one huge chessboard and you have no clue how to play it? That’s me majority of the time. I am reminded that this game isn’t mine to play, but God’s game and I am just a piece, a pawn if you would.

Here I am trying to navigate it as best as I can, when in reality life is laughing at me, making me feel as if I am completely 100% insignificant and small in a way as to remind me of place in this life.

The only difference is the end result of this game, has a winning ticket. If you don’t know, ask me.

As life is a game, so is the idea of love. We are never to trust our heart because it lies to us often, but we lie to our heart as well when we don follow what it’s trying to tell us, right?

Where does your subconscious come from? Your head or your heart? You have to truly know yourself to be able to answer that question. I know where mine is, but I often ignore it.

How about you? Are you playing life’s little games, or are you the lucky few who have it so great that you are a King or a Queen unlike the rest of us.