Funny thoughts

Age Gap…

When in a relationship does it matter if there is an age gap? What is your limit? Do you have any limits?

Now when being in a relationship where there is an age gap how do you know what that person may want out of the relationship. Does it matter? Are differences a good thing or a bad thing? I like to think that differences are good, it can make things interesting, but there is a level of understanding when two people really get to know each other.

However, if you are in a relationship where there is an age gap, and you see others who are also in the same type of relationship that you are in, but have moved along better than you have, do you get jealous? Are you hoping and praying that your partner will pop their head out of their butt and take control of the relationship or do you give up?

What makes a man who is older to settle down or something, when others are willing to do so? Is it something you deal with? Do you think it matters based on age? Gap? Man or Woman?

Do you think each person is different? Like will a man get with a woman who is 20 years younger, for specific reasons. That type of relationship is socially acceptable. However, if a woman gets with a guy who is 20 years younger he has issues, and she has money.

I sometimes find that it depends on the guy, and their relationship needs. Some men need a younger woman to feel better about themselves, some really do fall in love with them, and there are those who use their age gap as a sex appeal for their own reasons.

What do you think?