Funny thoughts

Wishful, prayer full type relationship.

When it comes to relationships we often dream, wish, and even Pray that we will be blessed with the right person to come into our life. Not to complicate it, but to compliment it. It’s something we all do in a way.

I’m not sure about other people, but I wrote a list of qualities I want in a man, said a little prayer, and burned it and sent it out into the Universe. The right guy didn’t show up 48 hours later, but the list I made was definitely real.

I burned it and let it go so I can show God that I trust him in this matter. I’m obviously bad at picking guys all on my own, but I will wait for the right one, one who is worth fighting for, one who is loving enough for me. Funny how the Universe works, sometimes I think it has a far more twisted sense of humor than I do.

When the right one does come along do you stop dreaming, wishing, or praying for them? I don’t. I hope you don’t either. My dreams, wishing, and prayers have introduced me to someone who is amazing, he’s unconventional in a certain way, but for me who is a dreamer, wisher, and one who prays, it’s definitely pushed me to be stronger and be in the moments of life. He’s taught me patiences!! He is still teaching me that one thing I am not used to being or having in my life. Patients is my enemy, not my friend.

What about you? What do you do to give love a chance? How do you send your requests up to the Universe?