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Biggest Fears

Do you wonder what your biggest fears are? Could they be about school? Work? Career choice? or Love?

I often feel like I can handle the ups and downs of work and life. I mean it’s my life and I am totally used to it. Are you used to yours? However when it comes to love, that right there is my biggest fear, has always been, and probably always will be.

Do you know your fears when it comes to love? I know every single one of mine. It’s something that has always plagued me for years since I’ve started the whole “dating” world process.

The walls I’ve built for protection, have been my downfall as well. I have so many fears of not being loved, never feeling that connection, or ever really having that sense of “normalcy” (whatever that means) that comes from a relationship.

The fears are: I’m not love able enough, when the walls start to come down with a guy that I feel is worth any ounce of my fight, he will find out how I feel about him, and he will leave. Eventually they all leave, they pull away, and more, right? That is why I get scared to say to a guy, “I love you.” because knowing my past he walks away, and I am there yet again with my heart in my hands bleeding.

How can you overcome your fears and still be true to who you are in your relationship? Is it possible to ever be without them when you have finally gotten comfortable with someone?

Do you put your fears out there? Do you let them out little at a time? Do you keep it hidden for as long as you can?

Let me know if you can handle it or not?