Relationship loneliness…is it a thing?

When you are in a relationship the one thing you want from your person is to be present, right? To have some form of communication and acknowledgement. I often wonder about this idea when it comes to couples who are expecting the moon and more from their partner.

I can say I am a bit cynical when it comes to needing attention from my significant other. We both have super busy lives, we are definitely not on the same schedule for work, and the gym, and just where our lives have gone and turned out. I only get frustrated with him when I am not sure what is going on between us, and being more included in his life. However when we are together I am the happiest person in the world, like he’s turned on that light within and I can light up all of Kansas City, KS or just our general area of where we are when we are together.

I am an open book when it comes to how I feel about him (he knows, no doubt), what I hope we are, and what I hope we become. A solid couple who loves each other, we finally have a full understanding of where the both of us are with regards to each other and our families. So not combining bank accounts or even places of residences. I am personally still on the fence about that one because of how many times I’ve been burned with relationship living situations. I’ve gotten to the point of making sure there is a full on commitment to us and making it work.

How do you handle feeling lonely in your relationship? Do you ever feel like that? Is it something you can talk to your partner about at any time? Do you worry about the answer and outcome? I know I do, because when I look at him it’s always one foot in, but half of him out the door ready to bolt, or maybe because of my past relationship doubts I am projecting that on him, and he isn’t doing that at all.

These are questions we need to think about and ask our partners, but be somewhat prepared with the answers. I dread any final results of things because knowing my luck I end up being alone, it is a pattern of my life that I am used to, unfortunately.

What about you? Any advise for me that maybe useful to others who read my blog?