Funny thoughts

Strength vs Weakness, which one is best?

When you sit and think as you observe people around you, you start to wonder what makes them special? Unique? One of a kind? Is it their strength or their weakness?

We all have it, it isn’t one or the other. Both sides of that live inside of us. It’s up to us how we handle it, and how we share it, right?

I love when men say, “I want a strong woman.” Really do you? Why? What about her weaknesses? Don’t you want those too? I mean they are her, but a different side of her. Wouldn’t you want to be strong within yourself to be able to handle whatever her weaknesses are?

Same thing ladies, we all want a strong man, but a man’s strength isn’t by how much weight he can lift, but the strength of his heart, right? I mean he has weaknesses as well, don’t we need to be strong enough to handle it?

Why is it if we show someone our weaknesses in a relationship, you get looked at differently? Do you try to help them? Do you go out of your way to reassure your partner that you can handle it, you love them no matter what.

Are past pains a sign of weakness? What is your stopping point when it comes to that? I guess I am a bit odd, I’d rather be with someone who can show me his weaknesses and his strength, and yet be able to handle mine at the same time. Like bouncing them off of each other so we can share it together.

Do you ask your partner about their strengths and weaknesses? Do you make them feel bad about it, or do you try to help them out?

Let me know.