Funny thoughts

Is it too much, dear?

I often wonder if my joking or teasing you is something you like. Do you find it funny? Do you find it annoying? Tell me, my goal is to always make you smile and laugh.

Your smile and laughter makes my heart skip a beat, in a good way. I love it because I don’t mind you laughing at me and with me.

I know we are different in so many ways, but I want to show you what fun things we can do outside and it doesn’t have to be a lot, just us.

You definitely know how I feel about you, the touch of your hand, makes me feel like I’m home (whatever that means). Maybe because I feel safe around you. Probably safer than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Why do you think I love to crawl all over you.

I know I can never change you, I wouldn’t even want to try because to me you are strong, amazing, funny, loving, quiet, reserved and very comfortable with who you are. The fact that you challenge me mentally is a bigger bonus than I could have ever imagined! Deep, insightful, and oddball conversations that make me think, laugh and or roll my eyes. Lol!!

I hope my expressions, jokes, teasing, and all around goofiness doesn’t turns you off from me. Our lives are so serious 90% of the time, let me be your 10% of funny that shows you how great we can be.