Funny thoughts

How much time is too much time?

When starting out in a new relationship you want to spend as much time together as possible, right? Do you think too much time can make a partner question the direction of the relationship or maybe start pulling away and give you the silent treatment?

I often wonder about this because I’ve been in relationships in the past where things are going great, then he pulls away from me a little at a time. I get we all need space away from each other, but when you don’t live together don’t you think that when you do spend time together you want to make every moment count?

If your partner isn’t much of a touchy feely person how do you handle that?

I know I am a simple person, I enjoy being around my person, but I know I can’t press my luck. I don’t want to force him to spend time with me because it feels like I’m twisting his arm while he’s clawing at the door to get me out.

How do you make sure that your partner is comfortable with you in his place as much as he is in your place. How do you break through? How do you encourage a level of comfort?

I’m the happiest when I am with him, are you the same? I’m happiest holding his hand, looking at him, and laughing with him. I just wonder if he is the same as me? Does he enjoy all of it? Does your partner tell you?

Let me know what you think.