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Play that Relationship Game. Is it worth it?

Do you believe that when a man or a woman reaches a certain age, they play that relationship fishing game? If you understand what I mean, then you are fully aware of it. If you are not allow me to explain.

A relationship fishing game is: 2 adults, both are attracted to each other, one just wants this to be a simple, casual, non commitment type of relationship. He/She makes that person interested in them, gives them the type of attention and affection they need, but start taking steps back and ignores them on some way.

Now the idea of relationship fishing is different for everyone, the meaning is different as well. Men do this because they don’t want the woman to become too needy, too used to them, and also to show that they have some power/control over this individual. Like all they have to do is crook their finger and here this person walks towards them.

Now I find this totally interesting and completely disrespectful to the person you are with. I mean how hard is it to state your intentions from the start!??! Tell them, “Look I just want to f*ck buddies. Let me know now if you can handle it.” or “I’m not really looking for something serious right now, but let’s have fun.”

Look at it from my point of view….you meet someone, you get to know them, you find that you two have a lot in common, they make you laugh, and they seem to be the ying to your yang in a manner of speaking. Unfortunately you are the one with the relationship issues, you’ve put too much emphasis on what the typical person wants in a relationship. How do you get them to understand?

Do you set boundaries? Rules? Like, “Yes, we are doing this our way, but don’t tell people we are together, and definitely do not put us on Facebook. I’m not that serious about you.”

What do you all think? Do you set relationship boundaries or goals for yourself? I always thought my next relationship would be my last. No it doesn’t have to end in marriage, but it could end in just being committed to each other, maybe live with one another after a while. Keep things soooooooooo unbelievably simple, but sweet, thoughtful, and sexy!

Let me know what you think.