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The Past…..time to move on?

How do you let go of past failures? Do you think about them, learn from them and move on? Is every step a lesson on how to be a better person or maybe a better partner. How about being a better human being?

I ask myself this question often because to be honest I’ve worked so hard to be a better person. I make mistakes, but I learn from them. Doesn’t mean I won’t make more mistakes, I try not to but it’s life.

When it comes to relationships that is key for me. I’ve learned to never punish the new person for the sins, mistakes, and more of the men in the past. It’s not their fault that those guys were total crap. I look for new things in the next person.

Does a person do that for the next week one? Do you try to learn from your past relationship mistakes or life in general to move forward?

How do you help them move on or do you even try? Is it something they need to deal with or learn from? Dumb questions I know, but sometimes I think some people allow a past love to hold something over them for some reason or another without really being able to say, “Hey, it’s my time now. I want to do this….or that.”

Have you ever told yourself that you can let things go? I know I have, but my biggest problem I have is trust! I lack a lot of trust in men.

Tell me what you think.