Funny thoughts

Advice……good or bad?

We always go to someone for advice. Life, financial and even love. Most of us have zero problem giving advice we should be taking ourselves. Why is it easier to give it than to receive it?

I often find myself in the middle of this situation. When I think about it, it’s because I’m looking for a form of “validation” when I know I’m not sure what I am getting from someone.

Where do you think all of that comes from? Is it from our childhood? Friendships? Maybe lovers?

How do you know when you see validation in your life? I know it when I see it in my career. That area is probably the best place for me to notice it. It’s what I’ve been trained to see my whole life. However, what about a lover? Significant other? Whatever you call that one special person in your life. Do you offer any validation to the relationship to show that person how you care, love them, appreciate them, value them, and more?

I often thought validation came from wanting to spend time with that person, go out on dates here and there. Get to know them and their family. Things like that. Shouldn’t it be easy to spot? Maybe super easy to understand where you stand.

Maybe I’m bad at reading the “signs” or seeing my own form of “validation” in something when I’m not used to it anymore.

How about you? Let me know the many ways you show your significant other ways to validate them in your life.