Funny thoughts


Do those feelings ever change for us? Are we ever really satisfied with the idea of feeling lonely or alone when dealing with life or a relationship?

We have this desire to be with someone. This person makes us happy, laugh, enjoy those little moments that get missed when we don’t pay attention to the rest of our lives, right?

Do you mind being alone? Does being lonely bother you too? I often have to remind myself that I’m not really sure how I can manage the difference between the two of them. Do you know how?

There are times when I want to be with my someone special……but then there are times when I’m okay with it just being me. Then again I’m reminded that my special guy doesn’t need me like I need him. I want his time, to be apart of his life. Sometimes I get the feeling that he wants me around, but prefers me to remain a significant distance.

Don’t you hate when you have nothing but love to share and give to someone, you can feel like it’s not exactly enough. It’s often in the way they communicate with you, or just not really acknowledging your existence sometimes. Every person is totally different.

I’m used to being alone, I’ve been that way my whole life, even with a family as large as mine. Yet, we all still crave it, that special connection with someone who understands us, who sees us, who doesn’t make us feel like we are in the way, or something like that.

It’s kind of like that never ending feeling of being pushed aside or the person pulling away. Funny how those feelings seem to blend together with feeling alone or lonely.

How do you change it? Can you change it?