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Past Relationships… we really learn our lessons?

When starting a new relationship do you tend to go outside of your norm? Are stuck in your comfort zone? I’ve been willing to go outside of my comfort level at different times in my life. Each one ends up being a life lesson wrapped up in complete heartbreak and the need to kill someone.

If you want to learn lessons from the past, how do you remind yourself to make the next one a priority? Wouldn’t you want to avoid the same situation or making a good relationship fall into the same category as your past one.

I often wonder why men and woman fall prey to their patterns of life. We are willing to try new foods, new destination locations, new music, well really all kinds of new things in life to make up a better person, but when it comes to relationships it’s the same pitfalls over and over again.

I’ve learned to make my special someone a priority. If not at that moment, then it’s something to be discussed in a way to be considerate, not be a jerk about it. If you want a simple life with someone the key thing is to make them a priority, right? The worst thing someone can do is to make that person feel like they are not important at all! People forget about that often.

Lessons I’ve learned is not every guy is the same. There are some major aholes and then there are some who just super nice and amazing. I know for me I want the guy who is super nice and amazing, and definitely out of my norm. I’m not that complicated, just want some attention and to made a priority (and spoil me for my birthday!)! How F’ng hard is that?! I can’t stand being on the back burner for certain things, but if it is for a legitimate reason, then I’m okay with it, just as long as he isn’t just dismissing me like I bother him.

As you can see it’s something that definitely bothers me so much.

How have you learned your lessons on the relationship world? How have you worked to make it better or even different? Hopefully you haven’t made it worse. That never ending cycle needs to stop.

Let me know!