Funny thoughts

Valentine’s Day…..🤔

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you plan something special for the one you love? Do you think the entire day is a waste of money???

I am often conflicted with this day. I’ve had so many horrible experiences with this particular “holiday”. Being single is one thing, being in a relationship where the guy forgets about you. Then one guy takes your money to buy you a gift, or he breaks your heart. I mean this day and I do not have the best type of relationship at all.

My opinion on this particular day is it can go so very wrong in so many ways. Why do you show the person you “love” that you love them with super expensive gifts one time a year when you are supposed to tell them every single day in some way. Why can’t someone do a simple thing for the one they love?

Do you make plans? I never do, again bad experiences. My dream Valentine’s Day kind of thing would be, getting my favorite flowers (white daisies, white roses & blue hydrangeas, in a blue vase) and a Little Card written out to me saying something super sweet, but telling me to get my butt to him after work. Then we eat a simple dinner at home, maybe a gift (a new book) and wild monkey dancing later. It doesn’t need to be expensive! It just needs to be real.

Do you give your men gifts? What do you give them? I’ve always wanted to give a guy something, but again it NEVER HAPPENS!!!! Maybe I’ll get my chance. Lol!

Keeping it simple is the best thing because two weeks after Valentine’s Day is my birthday, and that day BETTER BE AMAZING!!! Lol! I mean is that too much to ask for??

Let me know if you celebrate this day or not at all.