Funny thoughts

Sliding into my DM’s….Make it STOP!!!!!

Have you ever heard of that phrase, “Sliding into my DM’s”? If you have then I do not need to explain it, if you have not then let me explain it to you.

Sliding into ones DM’s is a term young people have created as a form of communication with someone online that they don’t know, think of it as a new Chat Room style of communication. If you remember AOL or Yahoo! Messenger back in the day, then you understand what I mean.

Do you get any? Do you check? I usually get 3-4 DM’s a day on my Instagram. Maybe one or two on my Facebook Messenger, but nothing on my Twitter. All of my accounts are private (personal reasons), but for some reason these people can message me!

It’s always men, they always want to ask the same questions….Where are you from? What do you do? Are you in a relationship? Boyfriend/Husband? Kids or No Kids? It’s the New was of asking people A/S/L (can’t believe I remembered that!! LOL!!) I’ve gotten to the point of ignoring them, however there are some that pop up when I’m doing something on my phone, I’ll see it and hit the ignore or delete tab. When I do that depending on the guy, he will keep messaging me.

Has anyone had the chance to make it stop? Does it ever stop? Maybe I’m making a big deal out of it, but after the day I’ve had, this cold weather is driving me crazy, and just trying to sleep maybe it’s making me a little loopy. Lol!

Let me know if any of you deal with it. Advice would be great!