Face Value

Do you read Tarot Cards? Do you speak with someone who knows how to read them? I never used to growing up, but I found one who knows how to explain them, and really bring the positivity to the reading so I can make sure that it is a good reading and not anything negative.

I had another reading the other night. The card that fell out was an Owl with a Book. I found that interesting and so did the woman looking at it. I think my question and this card combined was not what she was expecting. The card stated, “Take it at Face Value” I was confused when I saw that because to be honest it was the first time I’ve ever seen that card before.

She said that this card shows me that I need to take my “relationship” at face value, really see is as it is, but there is positivity to all of it because as a whole the relationship will progress, but we have to be honest with each other. If I am holding back, I need to be honest with him, but if he is holding something back he needs to be honest and tell me.

She also stated that I am doing better at letting go of past pain and hurt, I am not causing the current person any pain, really to feel the pain that I went through when dealing with past loves, past trust issues, and past heartache. She said that I need to get better as communicating with who I am with, and to make sure that I keep things simple with him and not put a lot of pressure for changes.

Have you ever had your cards read? This would be my 3rd time with her, and to be honest shes been right so far. I’ve been thinking about what shes been saying and how she explained the card to me because this one portion of my life has been all about patience. I’ve been patient with my career, my life, love life, and more.

I guess patients will be my word for 2019. Not my strongest trait in my entire being or world, but I will try it out. How about you?