Funny thoughts

Dancing to your Own Beat

I had a reading last night with a lady who knows how to read cards. I was asking a specific question, but I realized that I didn’t get the answer I desired, but I did get the answer I needed. If you don’t believe in Tarot Cards that’s fine, they can be good for something. I like it every now and then.

She showed me the Dance card, it was an interesting card because the way she explained it is that with my life turning around for the better this 2019, I just need to take a moment every now and then and enjoy the journey. Dancing in my life will help remind me of the joys that are in my life. Plus looking at it is as dancing the blues away would be great too. Just keep moving.

I started thinking how great it was to hear that because as crap-tastic 2018 was, I want to make sure that 2019 is way better, and by hearing that it made me realize that there are things in my life that have begun to fall into place, slowly but still falling into place, it’s kind of nice.

My career has changed for better, I finally feel like I am doing something worth wild in my life. I am finally seeing my finances work for the better, and I can now make goals that I’ve always wanted but was unable. It gives me a serious sense of relief in my heart and head. Like I am finally breathing a lot easier, it helps that I am back to working out (I love my cardio-kickboxing gym), but I do feel as though all the darkness and cob-webs are gone from my life. I’m sure I will be facing new trials and tribulations, but knowing I need to just stay in faith and dance through it, it will be okay.

Do you do readings? Do you understand them? I will watch her again on Sunday to see if I can ask another question, who knows what I will get then. I’m looking forward to this positive season in my life now. All I can do is keep smiling, working hard, dance daily, and stay in full faith that things will work out.

Always stay in faith and dance when you can.