Funny thoughts

Differences from then to now.

I was talking to my interm-General Manager today, she was telling me about this guy she’s been seeing. I sat there listening to what she had to say, and it got me thinking about how men hold onto painful things and memories from past failed relationships.

Women can hold onto all kinds of things, mentally, emotionally and physically. We turn it around on the next guy and beat them over the head with what the last guy did to us, but do you ever wonder if men do the same thing?

If a man is keeping you at an arms length, ever wonder why? Could it be that someone they loved did the same thing to them? If he doesn’t want to commit to you, could it be because they did it once, it didn’t work and they are not wanting to have a strike two on their record?

As a woman we often tell our friends, “Oh he is not like your ex, go easy on him. That man loves you.” Our friend listens and softens her heart and mind towards that guy, but do men do that for each other? For example, “Man, she’s put up with so much from you, she’s not asking for anything, but your time. She’s not like your ex. Give it a chance.” Do you think he will listen or do men not have conversations like that?

She told me she told her guy that he better be up front and honest with her, no games, no lies, nothing because her ex was like that. He assured her he wasn’t like that, but she flipped the script and told him, “I’m not like your ex, I wouldn’t hurt you like she did. Please don’t compare me to her.” I found that to be pretty freaking bold!

Do you think you could do that? Do men even punish the next woman that comes into their life because of a bad relationship experience? Do men do to women, as women do to men?

Let me know.