Funny thoughts

Falling into place

When parts of your life start to come together, and you finally feel like you are of some value to yourself, is it possible for other things to fall apart?

I ask because I’ve experienced it, way too many times to count, and it sucks! I know my destiny is mapped out for me, it was since the day I was created. People I meet, the knowledge I’ve gained, the love I’ve had and lost. However, is it possible to take a little bit of your life and carve out something you truly want, and know that it’s for the best. In my mind I say, Yes, but my heart tells me Nope!

Can love be that way? Making it your own? Wanting what you want no matter what, you know damn the consequences! I mean it has nothing to do with not wanting to be alone, heck you are used to being alone, it becomes your blanket, your shield, and at times your protector.

Does one thing in your life have to go right in order for something else to go wrong? Why can’t it ever work together like to does for other people? They have it figured out for the moment (maybe).

Let me know what you think. Is it possible to have it all (to the best of your ability – faith, work, love) and still be happy?

Definitely something to think about.