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Happiness….is it possible?

I often think only lucky people were happy, that their lives made so much sense, and the rest of us were just suckers for darkness. I can tell you now that is all a lie! I was so miserable in 2018, I mean my life sucked, and working for a company that was just horrible, the guys always made me feel like I was completely incompetent, and more. It was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve worked with kids.

When doors kept being closed in my face left and right, I prayed so hard that new doors would open up leading me towards a better path, especially one where I belong. Needless to say an opportunity came open at an old job from two years go, and I took it. I needed a job, but it shouldn’t surprise me that things were still being done on my behalf to make my life even better. Patience is not the strongest thing about me.

However, now that I’m back in the world that I know, that I am familiar with, and that makes me so unbelievably happy! Can’t wait for this new adventure come 2019. Now that my career life is checked off my goal box for this year, the next one is my over all life. Getting out of debt, being responsible and putting more money away in my savings accounts. Once those are all done, I will start buying things for my apartment to be placed in storage until the time comes when I have enough saved for my own place. I can’t wait.

The last step of 2019, would be my love life. That one for some reason always seems to take a back seat to fixing my life. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I crave love, it is important to have it, and important to make sure to keep it fresh and exciting. Only two people who do not nourish love can make it stale.

Sometimes I often think that once one area of life starts to move forward in a better direction, eventually everything will follow. The love part is where I will struggle I’m sure. I seriously hope not because we all deserve to have someone special in our lives, someone who makes us laugh, knows how we drink our coffee, knows that carbs will make us smile, and more.

Throughout all my hard times I’ve realized that happiness is really out there, we just have to be willing to fight for it, stay in it, and make it our own way. Plus for me having a strong sense of faith and learning patience.

How will you make 2019 a Happier year for you and someone you love?

2 thoughts on “Happiness….is it possible?

  1. Absolutely a Great Read wish you Nothing But the Very Best on your 2019 Journey my Friend, and yes we will all get there somehow πŸ˜‡ GOD BLESS!!


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