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Learning to Forgive….possible?

When it comes to life we are told we need to forgive someone who has done us wrong, that way we can feel free from the pain and anger. Does that count in relationships? Do you hold onto it? I’ve gotten better with the ideas of forgiving men when it comes to specific things.

The funny thing about this particular writing is that I just had a reading online. Two cards came out and one was the Mending card, it was upside down, I believe she was super excited about that. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It talked about healing my heart and soul from heartbreak and loss. Funny how those things came through in this reading because to be honest those are things I have been battling with.

Heartbreak – something I am all too familiar with. You think you have met the right person, they show you that not all men are the same, some are seriously special and one of a kind, but because of their issues, they will not take the chance. I know when it comes to this part I need to heal and forgive those who have hurt me. Their heartbreak is just as real as mine, and not to be taken lightly, not that I ever would. I’d totally respect it and be careful with their heart.

Now the pain of those heartaches could be from a variety of things, that I know to be true. The main focus for me is to let go of the pain from being lied to, and those men who have been disloyal to me as well. She told me to dig deep within myself to find out how that all could have happened, she also pointed out that my relationships ending could have come from a variety of things, lack of communication (this one ALWAYS seems to be the biggest problem in every relationship I have), and a lack of compatibility, this one I totally understand because looking back there was one relationship in particular that didn’t fit well with me, everyone often wondered why we were together because this guy did not fit my type at all, and was not at my level. He was the total opposite of everything I was. I mean we did not fit at all, however every other guy I’ve ever dated before him and after him did fit me. That is why I felt better once I let that one go.

She also wanted to remind me that I am loved no matter what, but with this new development my heart and soul will be able to heal and be better than before, but it is really all about mending what is broken inside of me. Once that is healed I know I will be ready for whatever is about to come my way.

I truly believe in forgiveness. I believe that there is always some form of misunderstanding, because someone doesn’t know how to communicate what they want, but at the same time not willing to fight for what is real.

What do you think? Is it possible for Tarot Cards to know what your heart needs to hear? I think they do.

3 thoughts on “Learning to Forgive….possible?

    1. We do hold a lot of cards for ourselves, but to have faith in something greater is always an amazing feeling as well. The more we think we are in control of our lives the more we will manage to screw it up. I believe I have a destiny, but it’s up to God to get me there.


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