Funny thoughts

Pulling away

When someone pulls away how do you handle it? We all deal with it in different ways, mine definitely comes in as a wave of good and bad days. I’m strong one day and can say, “F him, he made his choice.” or I can say, “I’d take him back in a heartbeat!” Why is that?

I’ve realized that when men pull away from a woman it’s because of some deep dark insecurities that they have held onto because of some reason. They maybe feel like they don’t deserve happiness, or if they want someone, they want someone who can fit a type of lifestyle they want or something else that will not really make them happy, but they have to realize that in the end.

Now if a woman pulls away from a man she is called all kinds of names and disrespected. Yet, she will find her strength and her way to make it work for her in the end.

How have you gotten over someone who pulled away from you? Did they make you feel like you were not enough? Like you were crazy? or just plain dumb for not catching all the signs?

I often feel pretty stupid myself. It will definitely explain why I don’t like getting attached to anyone or have the hope of having a good relationship with a good man. I think my life is meant to be alone, living my life for myself.

What do you think?