Funny thoughts

How do others start over??

My sister is dating again, this new guy is totally a winner compared to the last one. Come to find out he was cheating on her. This new guy is mid to late forties, and just adores my sister, he works to spend time with her, and wants to get to know her, her life, and her kids. Both of them come from divorced situations, and more.

He is obsessed with her, I want someone obsessed with me like he is with her. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but what is unique about this man, is he is willing to give love another chance even after a horrible divorce.

I’ve noticed that some men are not willing to do that, why is that? They want someone in their life, but only when it fits them. The crap part is when good memories flash through the head as you look at the happy couple because you remember those feelings, the smiles, the joys of feeling their hands on you, lips on yours, and just laughing at you or with you.

Isn’t it funny how things work out for others, but when you know deep in your heart that you deserve the same thing it never happens to you. It’s time to cut the strings, and let them move on. It’s time to move on yourself.

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get lucky another time around to have someone with me who wants to be with me like my sisters boyfriend wants to be with her, even after having a traumatic divorce.

I guess for some people happily ever after is totally worth it.