Funny thoughts

Holiday Movies

It’s that time of year again, everyone will be watching so many new and old Holiday Movies that are all about love, family, friendship, and overcoming some type of past difficult situation. Good thing these people figure it out in about in an hour and thirty minute, fake town, with an impossible situation or life to get the happy ending they dreamed about! Yeah!!!!!!

All I can say is, “What a load of BULLS*IT!!” I am probably the biggest, most cynical person who ever walked this earth who HATES those ridiculous holiday movies. They are all a massive joke, I can’t take any of them “seriously” and to me they are SUPER depressing.

Living in Kansas City, the headquarters for Hallmark are about fifteen minutes from where I live. I love the artwork, the history, and the fact that the company is here, but oh my gosh I want to burn the concept of romantic holiday movies to the ground!!!!!

I know a lot of people truly love them, and get this sense of, “True love wins every time.” I want to roll my eyes and vomit! I’ve recently found an online drinking game, for every time there is a meet cute, take a shot. If she doesn’t want to tell the guy her past, take a shot. If the guy is a single father with the cutest little girl take two! (One for each of them). I mean you’ll be completely hammered by the time it’s all over with, but at least you won’t be watching those movies ever again, that is because your head would be in the toilet vomiting whatever you drank (and probably dinner) down the drain.

Ladies always ask me, “Why can’t we all fall in love like the movies?” I look at them and mentally smack them with a baseball bat, but I just look at them and say, “That’s not life. Wake up and smell the rejection. It’s right in front of you.” Then they look at me like I just escaped the mental hospital. I smile and laugh.

A friend once asked me, “What would be the most romantic thing a guy could ever do for you to bring that romance back during the holidays?” I didn’t have a response, but I have thought about it. To be honest I have no idea! No guy has ever done anything romantic for me during the holidays that would make me swoon. Do I sometimes wish a guy would walk into my life and want to stay? YES!!! Would I be surprised if he says, “Let’s go walk around a place full of lights.” YESSSSS!!!! Maybe, just maybe have a fun winter type picnic with some yummy food, and hot drinks and music playing from his phone…..and then I wake up! (Yes, all a dream…dang it).

When it comes to the holidays I am the worst person in the world. I think it is because they have been ruined by something, or someone. Plus not to mention it doesn’t take much to be romantic with me. A simple movie and dinner together is perfect. Let me pick out the movie though. LOL!!

Good luck everyone with the holiday movies and may you survive them all.