Funny thoughts


My cousin got married today. It’s the 2nd marriage for the both of them. I love how they get through the vows, ring exchange, and so on. It’s a beautiful thing. Then we get to the reception. Food, drinks, dancing, laughter and more……..buuuuuuttt…the uncomfortable portion of the wedding comes…the tossing of the bouquet.

I am sitting in my seat, food in front of me, and that infamous Beyoncé song comes on, “Single Ladies” (loved it at first, died out very quickly). The DJ, my cousins, and family all looked at me, “Hey, Jennifer go up there. You gotta catch the bouquet.” I look up from my phone (watching the World Series game) I shake my head and politely tell them, “Nope, I’m good.”

They look at me like I am crazy, I look back at my phone until my younger cousin goes, “If you don’t go up there you’ll be single forever.” I don’t say anything at first, wait for a commercial to come up on my phone, I look up at him, “I’m actually okay with that. I’m single now, it wouldn’t be any different.” My family looks at me. They have no idea what to say to me, I go back to my phone and food.

Look, I don’t hate the idea or concept of marriage, I think it’s great if that is what you want in life. I’m just not going to expect a bouquet of flowers to change someone’s heart about the concept when I can’t even get a guy to commit to a simple relationship. It’s something about my life my family does not understand. Besides we are all not as close as we used to be (my fathers side).

I don’t explain anything to anyone tonight, I just focus on the baseball game, wait until it’s time to leave.

Why does marriage work for others, and establishing a relationship with someone doesn’t seem to work for the rest?

Do you have to deal with this? I normally hit the bar or something when it comes to certain times of the entire wedding. Open bar is my favorite.