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Relationship Balances……Is it possible?

I was recently watching a video of the relationship advice guy, Matthew Hussey. When he talks to women about how men are, and it all makes sense. I recommend him completely. The most recent video I watched, while at home under the covers and a ton of tissue paper around me, was about finding that “Rare Bird” in another person.

What he means is finding a man who is confident in who he is, but at the same time considerate. He gave the best example, you are out at a bar, you meet a guy who is funny, the both of you are having a great time. You leave to go to the ladies room, and he lets you know that it is getting late, he’s called you a cab, walks to you the cab, lets you know, “This was the best night I’ve ever had.”, gives you a kiss on the cheek, and watches you drive off. This man knows who he is, what he is about, and is completely confident in the fact that he is still a gentleman. Prime example of a “Rare Bird”.

It got me thinking if we as women think of ourselves as that as well? Are we a “rare” creature to men? Yes we have jobs. Yes we all have a roof over our heads, and some of us have money in our bank accounts. Yet when we step back and look at ourselves and our lives what mistakes do we make when going into every single relationship, or what do we try to change? Are we trying to improve ourselves for ourselves, or are we trying to improve ourselves to attract the right man?

Does he exist in your world? I can tell you he does in mine, yes there are many issues that have generated through the last two years, but it’s been us the entire time. I know I will always compare any man I meet to this one I consider a “Rare Bird”. It’s not his fault, he just pushed that requirement level a little bit higher. I just know what I want out of a man, but at the same time I know what to expect for myself in the end.

The entire conversation was about finding that right balance in your partner. How do you find it? How do you spot it? Sometimes we are so consumed by what is out there vs. what is not out there that we miss so much. We miss the fact that the guy at the bar is really a nice guy who just wants to talk to someone.

Think about your balance as a person, what makes you unique to the opposite/same sex for you in your world? My biggest problem is know when a problem is about to occur, it is a 6th sense I have. I knew when my ex was pulling away from me, I felt it completely. It was only a matter of time before he confirmed it. Now, I am focused on my life, we are still friends, but at the same time we don’t know what the future holds for the both of us.

Do you know your balance?