Kiss Me…..

Do you ever look at your partner and try to tell them with your eyes to kiss you, don’t stop. Feed you like you are some starved animal wanting water. You know in your mind that you are being greedy, but their lips against yours feels so amazing. Endorphins explode in your mind, your heart races, and your body comes to life because its only that person that can do it.

Do you wish your partner would pin you up against the wall, grab your face and hold you there until they get what they want from you? Do you wonder if its possible for your lover to take you to that level of comfort and pain?

Having a domineering lover is not a bad thing, but knowing your limits with each other shows trust between the two of you. I often have words go through my head, a variety of words to put them together that make sense to express my feelings. They do not come naturally I tend to think things through, but when it happens my brain will just spill out with words and images.

Kiss Me, own me, touch me, tie me up. Make me your own even if it is for one night. The feel of your lips against mine gives me peace of mind. To feel your massive hands touch me so gently radiates heat through me. Feel me, hear me, the sounds I make are all for you, just for you. My body burns like a fire, only you can keep that flame going, and cool it down at the same time.

Do you think it is wrong for a woman to say how she feels? What she wants? Does that make her a wonton woman? Does that make her smart, sexy, and willing to play with you? Make love slowly, fast, fun, hot, and just us.

Can you imagine a love like that? Full of passion and full of excitement. I think couples need to do this more often, they forget about each other often, but do need to take time for each other.