Real Life

Tattle Tales and Put Downs

Ever wonder why people turn into ten year olds and start opening their mouths to tell on you? Why is anything that you are doing affect them? I honestly have no idea, I don’t tattle on anyone. It isn’t my way of being better than anyone, or trying to make them look bad to others. I’ve got more important things to do with my life than to worry about others and their jobs or lives.

Do you think they their lives are fulfilling if they open their mouths about people? I often wonder why they feel the need to butt into something they know nothing about or whatever it is. I don’t say anything to anyone about peoples jobs or their lives. It isn’t my responsibility to say anything at all, I’ve got more important things to do.

I also often wonder why employers feel the need to put people down, is it their life’s mission to make their employees miserable. I have two bosses that love to put me down at every single opportunity they have. They both will rip my work apart, and put me down like I am an idiot. I don’t get a break from any of it at all.

I sometimes go home crying because my heart is weighed down with so much pain, because all I seem to do is get beat up on daily basis at my job. Why do people do this? Does that make them feel superior? Feel better that they have said some pretty horrible things about their employee either behind their back or to their face?

I know I’ve never spoke to any employee as rudely as I get here at my current employer. I never deal with tattle tales either. I used to tell my Hotel staff, if you have a problem with someone the two of you can deal with it as adults, if not then the both of you will be in my office and we will talk about it as adults.

When people do that, or even supervisors treat their employees so horrible, makes for a difficult work environment. I pray daily that God will surround me with Angles to protect me from ugliness and hatred, along with making sure to keep my mouth closed so I will not say what I feel to each person who does me wrong. It will do nothing to benefit anyone.

How do you deal with work place issues? I lock myself up in my office so not to be disturbed, then go home and cry it out because for some reason my co-workers and employer feels that they have made themselves superior by putting me down.