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Single Men…good idea or bad?

I often wonder if it is seen as a good thing to see that men are single? Do some want to be like that because of bad past relationships? We all know relationships are a lot of work, and meeting the right person is a total crap shoot. However, I often wonder why is it socially acceptable to see a man single, or no ring, when it isn’t okay for a woman?

Some men are okay with being single, my ex is a key example of being completely happy alone. No worries about dealing with a relationship, he has everything he could have ever wanted. If I’m mistaken, then I apologize because he has Never Once stated what will make his life complete. That is a different issue and subject.

My uncle on the other hand is not handling single life very well. He’s 57 years old, thought he’d be married to his first wife forever because that is how much he loved her. Now, he’s dating different types of women, and he wants to meet his match now, like Right Now and get married again. He is tired of being alone.

From my perspective, I guess I am jaded by the fact of seeing two different sides of everything when it comes to a man. One’s who want to be single with zero attachments, and gets sex occasionally, but then there are those who desperately want to be in a relationship so bad, that it can come at almost any cost (I honestly worry about that one the most with my uncle).

Do men really need to be with someone? Does society show men that they need someone all the time just like women? Can’t there be independently minded men who are okay with their current life situation, go out whenever they want, and as often as they want as well? Women are seen as “Hero’s” when we decide we will not wait for a man to enter into our lives and so on, but then again we are looked down on as well, why is that? Do you think men are looked down on because they are single?

The differences between men who want to be in a relationship vs men who want to stay single is the ones who put forth effort, right? Can you relate to any of this? I know I’d be happy with someone, but I want that someone to be the right one for me and my crazy life. He has to be strong enough to handle everything that gets thrown his way. Yet, when one wants to be single they make zero effort, make it a point to show you that you are insignificant to them.

I worry that the one man who is in a rush to start a relationship will find himself disappointed yet again. The other one who is in no hurry for anything will find himself all alone and be completely satisfied with everything no matter the cost to himself or his heart.

Why is it different? What makes it different for men? I’d really love to know.