Funny thoughts

Is it Wrong?

As a woman some men say they would love to be with a woman who “Challenges” them all the time. When they do, they get nervous and walk away. Why is that? What is it about women that are Not seen as challenging? I’d really love to know why men consider themselves as not challenging when it comes to life.

Some men know how to laugh, some know when to take a joke. Now when you are being serious about something, they all of a sudden do not like it, why is that? I am sure this ends up being funny between the couple, but no worries.

Can a woman be too challenging? I’d like to say, “No”, but then again I’d say yes. Certain women can be way too challenging, the thing I often wonder if those women are primarily single or are they the lucky ones in a relationship. Would it be a meeting of the minds between the two of them?

Would a strong woman vs a submissive woman be better? Does it work the same? Can a woman be seen as “submissive” (not just sexually, but mentally) in a good way and still be challenging in a way that makes things fun between two people?

Let me know what you think. I like to think I’m challenging, but at the same time I know it is a great idea to be funny, and to have fun in a relationship because this is someone you are establishing because the two of you want this.

What do you think? Is it too much for a woman to be too challenging? Good or bad? Let me know.