Real Life

Stop Shaming Women

When did it become socially appropriate to shame women for choices that they have made in their lives? Who gave someone the authority to do that? I am fully aware that my life doesn’t look like much to others, and at times myself, but honestly WHO CARES?!?!?

Why does a woman at 37 years get a look of, “Oh bless your heart.” when they say they are not married, never married, and no kids? Why does it matter that I’ve made the conscious decision in my life to never have kids, and plus why would I want to be married to someone I may end up divorcing later? Plus, WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU?!?!?!?!

I am fully aware that I am not that lucky to meet the right man who would be willing to make a life with me, let alone want to marry me. As for kids, to be honest I decided a long time ago that Kids were never in my future, or never visually saw myself as a mother. I am completely 100% happy to be an aunt to 9, almost 10 babies. I get to spoil them all, experience birthdays, graduations, life moments, and more with each of them and I am beyond happier with that.

When do you think we will ever get to the point in this life and world, where other’s will not look down on women for making decisions in our lives that fit best for us, not for you, but for ourselves? Why do we need to follow life’s norms? I am not less than you as a woman or as a person in society because you don’t know how I am contributing to society.

When will it stop? Will it ever stop? Why is there so much, “I’m better than you.” personality because you’ve pushed out something the size of a watermelon, from a place that is the size of a grape, and I haven’t. Before you judge someone you might think that their choices might be something medical, life decision, why does it effect you?

Maybe it will never stop, maybe it will never change. I need to accept the fact that I am seen as less than every other women because I’ve taken responsibility for my own body, and my choices, and yes I am aware that I am 37 years old, no relationship, not married, but WHO CARES!!??!!!???

Please stop shaming women for your issues.