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Money vs. No Money…Which one?

I get asked this question all the time. I am not sure why, maybe because I am considered poor (according to my bank), but when it comes to relationships I don’t look at the man’s bank account, I want to get to know the guy. Is that wrong?

I went out last night with my sister, she is considered a 10 on a sale of 1-10, of hotness, sexiness, and more. I mean you can’t tell she had two kids! She is so sexy, men see it, they notice her quicker than me. I’m totally used to it, I’m the brains between the two of us, and again I am okay with that. I don’t judge men on that because they look at my sister before they talk to her, but when they talk to her, she can keep up with them. It’s the best thing ever.

They all want to be her “sugar daddy” because they all feel that she needs to be taken care of. Good for her, and good for them, but as the two of us were talking last night we both have an understanding of what we really want in a relationship. She has never been one to have a one night stand, I on the other hand have had zero problem doing that at all. Now, we both realize we would rather have something substantial when it comes to being with someone.

She has a bigger category when a man comes into her life, she has children. I don’t, I just have a cat. However, we both want the same things: communication, companionship, laughter, a man to care, to know the simpler things, and enjoy quiet nights at home. Now that does not mean we both do not have to deal with people who think that having money is far more important than who the person is.

Why do people base relationships on money? Don’t the little special moments that happen between two people matter most? Isn’t creating a real connection, and trust far more important than how much that person makes every two weeks or yearly? I know I don’t care. I’d rather have someone in my life who wants to be with me. A materialistic life can only go so far, things will eventually fall apart. Not sure about anyone else, a man who can learn all the small things, and know what you look like in the morning, who smiles at you mean more than how much they have in their wallet.

Am I wrong? What do you think?